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Here are some of the questions I am most frequently asked as a divorce lawyer serving clients in southeastern Massachusetts over the past 30 years.

My wife and I are divorcing, but we're not fighting. Is there any way we can keep our divorce easy?

Absolutely. Divorce doesn't have to be a messy procedure if you and your significant other are on mutual terms. Things to consider will be your real estate, bank accounts and any other marital property that needs to be divided. If you have children, we will need to work out a child custody and visitation arrangement. Once we've come to terms with these issues, I will draw up the legal documents and file them for you.

When the divorce is finalized, most people feel like a large weight has been removed from their shoulders.

My spouse caused the breakup in my marriage. What can I do to hold him or her responsible?

Divorce in Massachusetts is generally done on a no-fault basis. This means that you do not have to list a fault other than "irretrievable breakdown in the marriage with no hope of reconciliation." That is the cause listed for 90 percent of divorces in our state.

While marital misconduct can have an effect on marital property division, it is only one of 18 factors that the courts will consider in determining how to divide marital assets and debts. Fault simply does not carry that much weight in determining who gets what.

Will I Receive/Have to Pay Alimony?

In Massachusetts, alimony or spousal maintenance may be ordered in long-term marriages when one side has a financial need and the other has the ability to pay. It is often paid when one side may have given up career opportunities to stay home and take care of the children. Alimony can be temporary or permanent.

My husband and I would like to get a separation. Can you help us proceed with that?

Certainly. I know this is a tough time for you. As your lawyer, I'll file your legal separation after we work out the details. It shouldn't take very long to complete at all.

Legal separation is not practical in most cases. It can cost almost as much as divorce and at the end you are still married. If you decide you want to get divorced in the future, you will have to go through the process again.

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