Massachusetts Work Injury Lawyer

Massachusetts Work Injury Lawyer

Seeking Benefits for Your Repetitive Use Injury

Work-related claims involving repetitive stress injuries or repetitive strain injuries are frequently disputed by employers and their workers' compensation insurance carriers. Your chronic back pain, knee pain, joint problems or other health problems may be the result of other reasons. However, don't give up on pursuing a workers' compensation claim the first time you hear this. With the help of an experienced attorney, you can recover the full benefits you are entitled for medical treatment and lost wages.

Serious back pain, shoulder problems or other problems can be a nuisance initially. But over time, these problems can hinder your ability to perform your job. While employers and insurance companies can't seem to understand this, I do. I recognize that you are suffering from real pain and require proper medical treatment in order to get back to your life.

Repetitive Stress Injury ∙ Repetitive Strain Injury ∙ Repetitive Use Injury

I have been helping Massachusetts workers successfully recover workers' compensation benefits for over 30 years. I am prepared for the methods used to dispute work injury claims, particularly claims involving a repetitive stress injury (RSI). In my decades of practicing workers' compensation law, I have seen countless hard-workers who were treated poorly when filing their claim — they were told the strain could not have been work-related or that the injury really didn't impair their ability to work. Common repetitive use injuries include:

  • Bursitis/joint injury: Joint pain, such as knee pain that is common amongst workers laying carpet, brick or tile.
  • Epicondylitis/tennis elbow: Extreme pain in the elbow or forearm that is common amongst painters, plumbers, carpenters, car mechanics and others.
  • Carpal tunnel: Pain and weakness in the wrist and hand that is common amongst workers habitually at a desk, workers in an assembly line and even construction workers using power tools.
  • Back injury or chronic back pain: Heavy lifting, loading, or other repetitive or awkward movements can lead to serious neck or back pain or injury.
  • Other repetitive use injuries: Chronic neck pain, knee problems or other injuries can be caused by the wear and tear on muscles and joints by repetitive use.

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