Attleboro MA Juvenile Court Lawyer

Juvenile Defense Lawyer in Attleboro, Massachusetts

I was an assistant district attorney for the juvenile court in Bristol County. While there, I gained a firsthand knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of our juvenile justice system.

As a lawyer in private practice, I continue to take an interest in juvenile law. I defend juveniles facing all types of charges, including theft, vandalism, burglary, sex offenses, underage drinking, drug possession and assault.

If you are a parent whose child has been arrested on criminal charges, I offer a free initial consultation to discuss your child's case and the possible consequences he or she may face.

Can My Child Be Taken Out of the Home?

In addition to classifying your child as a juvenile delinquent, the juvenile court has the power to take your child out of the home and place him or her in a juvenile facility. In more serious cases, your child can even be tried as an adult and face adult consequences.

Many people think the juvenile justice system is a walk in the park. That isn't true. I used to prosecute juvenile delinquency cases so I understand the power the court has.

Will My Child Have a Criminal Record?

Contrary to what many people believe, a juvenile record can affect your child past the age of 17. If your child commits offenses as an adult, he or she could face harsher consequences because of a juvenile record. Your child may also be barred from certain careers with the government.

Free Attorney Consultation

Contact me, attorney Dennis Bisio, to schedule a free initial consultation to answer your questions about a juvenile case. In-home, evening and weekend consultations are available by appointment.