Workers Compensation for At-Home Workers During COVID

Coronavirus-19 has made working from home the new norm for many office workers, tech workers, teachers, even sales staff.

Employees and businesses are seeing an upside to remote working arrangements. It limits an employee’s exposure to coworkers and customers and reduces the risk of transmitting the COVID-19 virus. It also reduces the risk of injury in the workplace and the risk that a worker could be hurt in a motor vehicle accident traveling to and from work.

But no workplace is injury free, even the home workplace. In most instances, an employers’ workers comp insurance will cover injuries that result from doing your job at home. But there are times when a workers’ comp claim could be denied.

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Examples of Work at Home Injuries Covered by Workers Comp

A lot of people do get injured at home but you will need to be able to prove your injury was work-related. Some examples of valid home workplace injuries likely to be covered include:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome (a repetitive stress injury) from excessive use of the keyboard or poor ergonomics from lack of proper equipment
  • Tripping over something in your office and hurting your hand or arm in a fall
  • Getting into a car accident driving into the office or warehouse to pick something up for work purposes

Your covered work-related injury should:

  • Occurred during work hours, while you were working, or as a result of working
  • Have been reported to your employer

In the case of bad ergonomics, it would help if you had asked your employer for better equipment to ensure proper posture.

When Work-from-Home Injuries May NOT be Covered

If you were not authorized by your employer to work at home. For example, if you decided to take work home over the weekend, or you are scheduled to work 9 to 5, but were working at 10 pm, without instruction from your boss, then your injury may not be covered.

If your injury or accident occurred during non-working hours. If there was a specific cause for your injury, like a fall, you will want to immediately report the accident by email so your employer knows when and how the accident occurred.

Your Homeowners Insurance Won’t Cover job-Related Injuries

If you are working at home when the incident happened, then no, your homeowners’ policy won’t cover you because you are in the course of employment.

If you have private health insurance, but your injury was caused by your employment, it’s likely your health insurer also won’t pay. They will refer you to your workers’ comp insurance.

If your employer retaliates against you for using the benefits to which you are entitled, then you have a lawyer on your side to fight for your interests. Learn more about your rights under state workers compensation law. See my FAQ page.

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